Weekend Destructainment: The Devil gets anally raped. Seriously. [Update]

So you’re sitting there, pwning n00bs in Halo on Live and all of a sudden, BAM, here comes Satan himself. Actually, he had good reason to come. You inadvertently made a bet with him while you were in the middle of your shit talking. So now it’s you versus the Devil. The odds? If Satan wins, he gets to keep your soul. If you win, you get to f*ck him in the ass. Who will win? Watch the video and find out. (Thanks Chris!)In this edition of Weekend Destructainment we have for you a video game themed cartoon show that you may have never heard of, a couple of wrestlers doing a hoe down, a retarded modding of the Wiimote, some video game covers done on the electric guitar, some sw33t Halloween costumes, and an episode of Game Life where they get people to give their thoughts on Loco Roco and the last guy steals their PSP. Saturday Supercade; Morning cartoon show featuring Donkey Kong, Frogger, Q*Bert (Spotted on TV Squad)Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage Dance off! (Spotted on The Last Boss)Wiimote modded into a NES controller (Spotted on You NEWB)Street Fighter 2 Ken’s theme performed on a guitar Guile’s Theme performed on a guitar Zangief’s stage preformed on a guitar (This, Guile’s and Ken’s guitar themes all spotted on Joystiq)An episode of Game Life where they review Loco Roco. Then their PSP gets stolen. Seriously. (Spotted on Kotaku)A Tetris Halloween; 3 guys dress up like Tetris pieces. A NES controller costumeMario Halloween costume (This, the Tetris costumes and the NES controller costumes all spotted on The Dark Diamond Network)[Update: Fixed the opening link, ’cause I’m the man. This is Sheir by the way, haha… Also, CTZ’s a bitch.]

Hamza Aziz