Weekend Destructainment: The 3DS makes you ugly

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Think the 3DS camera is good? Well you are sadly mistaken.

More Destructainment awaits with Captain Awkward playing Runner. Then it’s a little song about Pokemon. Up next is a short film on Lazy Teenage Superheroes. Then it’s Angry Birds in real life. Next, it’s some fun with cops in GTA IV. Followed by DeadMau5 in Minecraft. The Destructainment ends with What is Internet?

Captain Awkward plays Runner.

“2.B.A. Master,” an animated song about Pokemon. Spotted on GoNintendo.

Lazy Teenage Superheroes. Some random videogame stuff included.

Angry Birds in real life.

Fun with the cops in Grand Theft Auto IV.

DeadMau5 song done in Minecraft. Thanks, Brendan!

Random lolz: What is Internet?

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