Weekend Destructainment: Thanksgiving edition

It’s Thanksgiving, which means that almost no one is working for the next few days. So to pass the time, here’s a collection of random Internet videos a couple of days earlier than what you’re used to! Don’t say I never did anything for you!

Other videos await you below starting off with a very lucky Black Ops Tomahawk kill. Then College Humor plays Dance Central. Next, GameStop has a good ad for once. Followed by Ezio showing off his dancing skills. Then revisit just how bad Superman 64 was.

Then it’s some Castlevania III hard rock. Followed by a funny Easter Egg from Halo: Reach. Then it’s some rage in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The Thanksgiving Destructainment ends with a documentary on Japanese arcades.

Super lucky Tomahawk kill in Black Ops. Spotted on Kotaku.

The College Humor gang plays Dance Central.

GameStop’s holiday ad is kind of funny.

Ezio is a good dancer.

Let’s revisit how bad Superman 64 is!

Castlevania III, hard rock cover.

Funny Halo: Reach Easter Egg.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn co-op RAGE!

Cool documentary on Japanese arcades.

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