Weekend Destructainment: SUPLEX A TRAIN!

[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.]

Street Fighter High is … it’s a thing. It’s … well it’s not good at all. It’s really hard to sit through it, yet something just compels you to watch the whole thing. And then after you’ve watched it, you just wonder what the hell is wrong with yourself.

After the break is a little parody of a scene from Gears of War 2. Next up is a little Pokemon spoof. Then spawn on your bro, bro. Next, it’s a Deadly Premonition mash up with Jay-Z. THEN IT’S TIME TO SUPLEX A TRAIN! The Destructainment ends with a dance remix of the Pokemon theme.

A friend of Jim Sterling made this Gears of War 2 parody. I don’t get it, but I didn’t want Jim to yell at me so here you go!

Pokemon: Gotta Buy ‘Em All. Thanks, Henrique!

Spawn on your bro, bro. Spotted on Bungie.

Jay-Z mashed up with Deadly Premonition. Thanks, TrayBen!

SUPLEX A TRAIN! Thanks, Zen Albatross!

Pokemon theme dance remix. Spotted on GoNintendo.

Hamza Aziz