Weekend Destructainment: Super Conan O’Bros.

Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.

Music, sexyness, mashups and more await you in this edition of Weekend Destructainment. After the break, check out the Super Mario medley. Followed by Brentalfloss giving Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! lyrics. Then it’s the Tetris orgy. Random Robot Intermission is next with Italy’s trash robot.

Then it’s a drum cover of some music from Breath of Fire. Next up, the Heavy doesn’t like cardboard. Then it’s the Freedom Stick! Next, Conan O’Brien’s new set looks like it’s from Super Mario Bros. Followed by Luigi getting sick of Mario. The Destructainment ends with the latest episode of Marcus’ Corner.

Super Mario medley time!

Brentalfloss gives Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! lyrics.

The Tetris orgy. Spotted on Topless Robot. NSFW Audio!

Random Robot Intermission: Italy’s Dustbot

Dtoider NukaCola covering the Breath of Fire battle music on drums.

The Heavy doesn’t like cardboard.

FREEDOM STICK! Spotted on johannhat’s C Blog.

Conan’s new set looks like Super Mario Bros. Via Serious Lunch — Thanks AgentMOO!

Luigi is sick of Mario.

Marcus’ Corner episode four with guest Corrinne Yu.

Hamza Aziz