Weekend Destructainment: Street Fighter sound effects makes everything better!

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I can’t believe I missed this video the first time it made the rounds a few months back. The video is of a break dancer showing off his moves when a poor little baby happens to run into the middle of his routine. You feel bad for the kid, but you just can’t help to laugh thanks to the sound effects.
Sorry for such a long delay, but hey, it’s still the weekend and this feature is called Weekend Destructainment after all. The Destructainment begins with an extremely lucky timed Frag Grenade and missle from the SPNKR in Halo 3. Next up, a review of Bomerman: Act Zero from FreezeCracker. Then it’s the DK rap just for the hell of it. Next, a lost Mega64 skit with Super Smash Bros. Next, Master Chief goes on a date. Robot Random Intermission wraps-up the show with a guide on how to make solar powered robots.

Extreme luck: Shooting a rocket at someone only to have it get deflected with a Frag grenade and have the deflected rocket steal a double kill.

FreezeCracker reviews Bomberman: Act Zero

The DK rap. Eh, why not?

Mega64 does Super Smash Bros. It’s got quite the history, but simply put, it probably won’t ever make the light of day officially from Rocco and the team. Thanks, Geoff!

Master Chief goes on a date. It’s a MadTV skit that’s really well researched, but falls short of funny. Thanks, Winner!Random Robot Intermission: How to make a tiny solar powered insect robot!

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