Weekend Destructainment: SONIC BOOM!

[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.]

SONIC BOOM! Spotted on GoNintendo.

Torzelan kicks things off after the break with a Castlevania 3 cover. Then Dtoider Clown Baby makes the Mr. Destructoid face in Trials HD. Next up is episode 2 of the fan made Assassin’s Creed series. Then a dog plays with an iPad. Followed by Sakura’s theme fitting nothing.

Then ScrewAttack takes on Pokemon. Next is the Pac-Man Google header terrorizing a poor old lady. Then Mega64 tries to find out what the new Rock Band 3 symbol is all about. The Destructainment ends with Dr. Sim being a douche.

Dtoider Torzelan does a cover cover of some Castlevania 3 music.

Dtoider Clown Baby made a Trials HD level themed after Mr. Destructoid!

Episode 2 of the fan made Assassin’s Creed web series, “The Creed.” Spotted on HybridRain’s C Blog.

Dog plays with the iPad. Spotted on RedmondPie.

Tray Ben tries his hand at Street Fighter mashups with Sakura’s theme fits none: Saving Private Ryan.

ScrewAttack vs Pokemon.

Google’s Pac-Man header harasses poor old lady.

Mega64 tries to figure out what the new symbol in Rock Band 3 means.

Dr. Sim is kind of a douche.

Hamza Aziz