Weekend Destructainment: REAL! SUMO! FIGHTING!!!

This just has to be the most epic video of the month. This is just genius really. Combing Street Fighter effects with real Sumo Wrestling footage is just short of brilliant. Especially with how well it has turned out in this video. Thanks to Dan Paladin (yes, that Dan Paladin) for the video. 
Welcome to another edition of Weekend Destructainment. The show kicks off after the jump with a video of a guy in a Master Chief outfit robbing a GameStop. Then, a Super Deluxe parody involving Halo. Next up, a stop motion Katamari Damacy skit. Then it’s Random Robot Intermission and lesbian robots. Finally, the Destructainment ends with the intro to the horrible Donkey Kong cartoon show. 
[Update: Added one more video at the end. TIME FOR SOME OLD FASHION FUN!] 

The Master Chief holds a GameStop at gun point. Also tea bags some PS3s.Halo Night. The boys at Super Deluxe do a pop song to Halo. Not bad.

Stop motion Katamari Damacy.

Random Robot Intermission: A Bjork song. Don’t know what it’s called. I’m going to call it Lesbian robot porn. Yes, I searched for robot porn in Youtube to find this.

The intro from that HORRIBLE Donkey Kong cartoon show. From an old Clog by Justice

Time for some good old fashion fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spotted on BahamutZero’s Clog.

Hamza Aziz