Weekend Destructainment: RAAAIIINNBOOWW ROOAADD

Guy and Gal go on a date checking out all the Pokemons. Guy and Gal are having fun until Villain comes along and kidnaps Gal. Guy tries to rescue Gal and goes through Star Fox, Pac-Man, Final Fantasy and Super Mario World all set in Halo 3. Spotted on Kapkomi’s C-Blog. Halo 3 Machinima has been really good lately.
After the jump it’s time to READY TO WEEKEND DESTRUCTAINMENT! The show starts off with Automatic Mario amazingly set to JAM Project. Next up, further proof that anything becomes ten times more full of win with Street Fighter sound effects. Then it’s some more Halo Machinima with the No Scope musical. Then check out the mashup of every KK Slider song played at once. 
Next up is the Rainbow Road ballad. Followed by another mashup with Captain Falcon and Wicker Man. Then it’s Mario going on a rampage in the Mushroom Kingdom. Random Robot Intermission follows with some Transformers PSA. The Destructainment ends with Techno Robotnik. 

Looks like the Automatic Mario mods are getting even more advanced. This new version of the fad takes Super Mario World and sets the action you see to music. This Automatic Mario takes JAM Project’s “Gong”, which I have recently fallen in love with. Spotted on Japanator.

I’m telling you, everything is made better with Street Fighter sound effects. Spotted on DaedHead8’s C-Blog

No Scope, the musical. 

Hey, ever wondered what it would sound like when all of KK Slider’s song are played at the same time! Yup, that’s right! It sounds exaclty what it would feel like to have Satan rape your ear with a chainsaw. Spotted on GoNintendo

“It’s called a road, it’s called a Rainbow Road” Wow, just wow. Spotted on burglarize’s C-Blog

Captain Wicker. Made by AngelsDontBurn

Mario goes on a killing rampage. Thanks Adam Dork, who would not stop touching me in Cancun. 

Random Robot Intermission: Transformers PSA. It’s nowhere near as awesome as the G.I. Joe PSAs, but damn if the end is not hilarious. 

Techno Robotnik rave. 

Hamza Aziz