Weekend Destructainment: Quack quack quack quack quack

At Anime Boston a couple of weeks ago, some folks performed a little Duck Hunt skit. Since this was an anime convention, they threw in some really annoying anime characters into the mix. The results are extremely hysterical and you just knew what was going to happen at the very end. Spotted on VGCats.

I’m still in Cancun but that won’t stop me from Destructainmenting your weekend. After the jump, the Destructainment starts off with community members Toneman and Cutie Honey’s spoof of the Pokémon cartoon. Next, Sarcastic Gamer doesn’t like Battlefield: Bad Company’s DLC BS and neither should you. Then, Kevin Pereira shows off his skills on the real drums thanks to Rock Band. Next up is Hillary Clinton’s new game. 

Then it’s Super Pii Pii Brothers, followed by the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: The Movie. Speaking of Zelda, watch a guy play the Zelda theme on two guitars at the same time. Next, you’ll see Mega Man 3‘s audio and music done with just vocals. The Destructainment ends with a crazy ad for Atari Hockey.

Toneman and Cutie Honey make fun of Pokemons. Spotted on Toneman’s blog, which includes part two of the episode spoof. 

Battlefield: Bad Company: It’s in the game, well most of it. Spotted on Crunshii’s C-Blog

Rock Band tought Kevin Pereira how to play the real drums. Probably. Spotted on Rorschach’s C-Blog

Hillary Clinton’s 3AM: Call of Duty: Mission Bosnia. Spotted on FileFront

Super Pii Pii Brothers: ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s gag. 

The Legend of Zelda: The movie. IGN’s April Fool’s gag. 

Guy plays the Zelda theme on two guitars at once. Spotted on Kotaku

Mega Man 3’s audio and music done with just vocals. Spotted on VGCats

Phil Hartman goes crazy over Atari Hockey. Like psycho crazy. Thanks Tron!

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