Weekend Destructainment: Nothing but Fear Effect edition

Hey look! Another themed edition of Weekend Destructainment! For this edition, I’m just focusing on one game series, Fear Effect. It was a really great series originally on the PS1. It had a lot of gore, a great story line, and a very unique look to it.

The first video here is the for the second game, Fear Effect: Retro Helix. Wait, why would I start off with the second games video (which contains over 1 and a half hours worth of cinematics) first? Because this was actually the prequel to the first game. Also, random lesbian love scenes.


About 50 minutes worth of cinematics from the original Fear Effect.

Death scene compilation from Fear Effect 2.

The trailer for the canceled Fear Effect Inferno for the PS2.

Another trailer for Fear Effect Inferno.

It’s a real shame that the series had to die before the third game was finished. After watching these videos, what do you think about the game?

Hamza Aziz