Weekend Destructainment: My legs are broken edition

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Just like the game, this horse’s back legs in Assassin’s Creed are broken. Thanks, Grim.

Time to C-C-C-COMBO Break the lameness of the weekend with some Destructainment. Right after the jump, the end song to Portal is performed live. Then another glitch video on Super Mario Bros. 3. After that, a creepy ad for Doom on the Jaguar. Next up, K-Fed was a Nintendo Superstar when he was young.

Then it’s a pretty neat stop motion Mario Kart video. Mario shows us his evil side after that. Next, another cheesy Halo 3 rap song. The Destructainment ends with Random Robot Intermission and “The Sex has Made me Stupid.”

The Cake is a Lie, performed live.Game Genie glitches on Super Mario Bros 3. TECHNO RAVE!

Ad for the Doom on the Jaguar. Creepy. K-Fed was a Nintendo Superstar! Thanks, Orcist.

Real life, stop motion Mario Kart. It’s filmed well, but the random parts where there is no audio at al hurts this film.Mario is secretly an evil serial killer.

Another Halo 3 rap. It’s stupidly funny. Spotted on Xbudz’s C-Blog.

Random Robot Intermission: “The Sex has Made me Stupid”. Safe for workish … and yes, I found it by Googling “Robot Porn”.

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