Weekend Destructainment: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!

What do bored UC Berkeley students do when they’re bored and in New York? Why they sing of course! Not only do they sing, they sing in acapella fasion. In this case, they happen across a couple of guys sparring. So what do they start singing? Why the theme for MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, I present to you a total of 8 videos for you enjoyment. After the jump, prepare to see what would happen if you crossed Halo with Mario Kart. Then, a video of of a hacked Super Mario World where you don’t do a damn thing to beat a level. Next, the voice of Mario tells us what he thinks Link would sound like.
Random Robot Intermission is next with a guide at building a $40 robot. Then the Ocarina of Time theme song performed live. Followed by the trailer for Wolf Quest. The Destructainment ends with the horrible life of a Goomba.  

All the crap you can do with Halo Custom Edition. Rainbow Road FTW!

Automatic Mario. Beat the game without doing a damn thing. 

The voice of Mario tells us what he thinks Link would sound like. Thanks Tim Sweeney!

Random Robot Intermission: How to make a robot for only $40. Spotted on Indy Mogul.Legend of Zelda medley: The Hyrule Symphony. This is such a beautiful song. 

Wolf Quest, the game. Thanks Buck!

The life of a Goomba sucks. Spotted on Kotaku.

Hamza Aziz