Weekend Destructainment: More like: Weekend Halotainment!

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So wow, I didn’t really plan on this happening. I shouldn’t be surprised that this turned into an all out Halo edition of Weekend Destructainment I suppose. And hey, it’s a themed edition too! Haven’t done that since the Street Fighter edition when I was having my little war with God Len

Anyway, the above video is a quick (and funny) recap of Halo 1 and Halo 2 from the gang at ScrewAttack. Might as well start with that before we jump into all of the Halo 3 stuff after the jump, right? After the jump, Kevin Pereir and Olivia Munn lick the helmet from the Legendary set (Classy). Then, the Master Chief shows us how to Teabag like a champ! Followed by Red Vs Blue’s cameo in Halo 3. Next up, a news clip from the BBC using Killzone 2 footage when describing Halo 3

Then a comedy video from Dtoider kariomart on some weird Halo 3 problems. A quick little clip showing off the Hayabusa Armor follows that. Some guys tip the Elephant and reveal a funny easter egg is next. Then some guys break into a warehouse to snag Halo 3 before it’s officially released. Finally, a guide on locating all 9 gold skulls in Halo 3.

Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn lick the Master Chief helmet from the Legendary box set. Spotted on FileFront.

Teabag your way to fitness with the Master Chief!

Red Vs Blue’s little cameo in Halo 3. When I went to check this out, I had Burnie and Gus doing a little skit instead of these guys.The BBC uses Killzone 2 footage doing a piece on Halo 3 … noobs! Spotted on brainderailment’s Clog.Halo 3 has some odd sound effect problems. Made by kariomart.

The Hayabusa Armor in all it’s glory.Tipping the Elephant, with bonus easter egg! Some Hungarians break in to a warehouse and steal Halo 3 before its release. Spotted on N4G, thanks TnS!

Location on all of the 9 gold skulls in Halo 3.

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