Weekend Destructainment: Mega 64 ownz

I’m not going to deny it. I have a hard on for all things Mega64. I love everything that they do. The latest thing they just starting doing is a podcast. How good is the podcast you ask? Well in the last podcast, they recorded at a Chilli’s restraunt for an hour. But only the first half hour is of them talking about podcasty stuff. They just let the tape run while they ate dinner for the last half hour. And then some dude towards the end starts talking to them about how he used to be a huge crackhead and how he found God. EXCITING STUFF!

The first five videos this week are all Mega64 stuff. The first three is their Spike TV ads for the award show that took place yesterday. The second two videos are behind the scenes of them making the ads. 

Fourteen videos up this week, which include another bunny related video, 2 more ads for Spike TV award show featuring Leeroy Jenkins, a video montage of games starring ninjas (in honor of Ninja Day that passed by this week), a gummy bear penis ship, a how to guide to killing someone Splinter Cell style, a real life capture the flag event, the Wii being played on the set of 24 and a video of the Wii, 360, and PS3 as they plan on taking over the world.

Meg64 Spike TV ad #2
Meg64 Spike TV ad #3
Behind the scenes of The Wizard ad from Mega64

Behind the scenes of the Vote ad from Mega64 

I don’t know where this came from, but here’s a video of the Wii, 360, and PS3 being voiced by Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken as they talk about world domination.  
Dude gets bunny bitch slapped! (Spotted on the Girl Gamer)

Leeory Jenkins Spike TV Ad #1

Leeory Jenkins Spike TV ad #2

Games involving ninjas (Spotted on Kotaku;In honor of Ninja Day that passed by this week)

The Gummi Bear ship from Kingdom Hearts 2 in the shape of a penis! TEE HEE!! (Spotted on Kotaku)

A how to guide on how to kill someone Splinter Cell style. 

Real life capture the flag. (What the hell is the point of this?! If you can’t shoot anyone then how is it fun?)

The Wii being played on the set of 24

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