Weekend Destructainment: Massive penetration edition

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The Internet has spawned many musicians and weirdos who like to cover the legendary original Mario Bros theme song. While most are good, I’m surprised that its taken this long for someone to finally fuse them all together like this. I loved how the Mario Twins were thrown in at the end. [Spotted on kwaselow’s CBlog.]

Big thanks to Mr. Monocle for taking care of Weekend Destructainment duties last week. Did you all miss me and my amazing ability to find the strangest collection of videos on the Internets? After the jump, Weekend D. kicks off with a few community members from PAX showing us how hard Table Tennis for the Wii is going to be. Then, Cody from Sumfight gets shot in the leg while wearing an Also, Cocks shirt. Next, a stop motion game of Human Tetris.

Followed by Random Robot Intermission with a robot losing his best friend. Prepare to squee as a adorable little girl eats it trying to play Wii Tennis. Then, Morgan Webb talks about massive penetration. The Master Chief scaring Koreans follows that. Finally, the Destructainment ends with a Big Daddy masturbating.

WorthlessTed, Tehuberone and Lark play Table Tennis for the Wii. It’s a very hard game, FYI. Spotted on WorthlessTed’s CBlog.

The Race. Has nothing to do with videogames, but it’s Cody from Sumfight and he’s wearing an Also, Cocks shirt. Also, he gets shot.

Human Tetris

. Thanks to Costantino from Fabbricariaonline for the tip!

Random Robot Intermission: A robot losses his best friend. 

An adorable little girl eats it while playing Wii Tennis. Awwwww! Spotted on Parrothead’s CBlog

wii smash

Morgan Webb talks about massive penetration. Spotted on Bleep’s CBlog.

The Master Chief scares the shit out of Koreans. Spotted on Professor Pew’s CBlog and Snaileb’s CBlog.

TEE HEE! This Big Daddy from BioShock is masturbating! Thanks, Jay!

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