Weekend Destructainment: Look out for human tumbleweeds, edition

Maybe it was the human tumbleweed, maybe it was the way the cat falls out of the Pokeball, or maybe it was the excessive amount of blood. Whatever the case, I have fallen in love with this demented clip. Thanks to stummies1121 for the video! 
Big thanks to Geoff Mendicino for taking over the Weekend Destructainment duties last weekend. You made me proud kid. After the jump, a guy plays Taiko Drum Master blindfolded. Next up, a great Halo 3 movie with focus on the Grav-Hammer. Followed by OJ Simpson and Mike Ditka playing Madden ’93 for Super Bowl XXVII. Then a GTA Vice City mod mashing Back to the Future.
Then a Samus look-alike plays Metroid Prime 3. An awesome Spy kill from Team Fortress 2 follows that. Next, a video showing you how to kill thousands of enemies in Spawn. Another Halo 3 video which is another one-in-a-million deal that you won’t believe until you see it follows that. The Destructainment ends with a martial arts routine set to Street Fighter.

A guy plays Taiko Drum Master blindfolded. Spotted on GameBrink.

“If I Had A Grav-Hammer”. Parady song of William Shatner’s If I Had a Hammer. This is a really well edited video! Thanks, George!OJ Simpson and Mike Ditka play Madden ’93 during Super Bowl XXVII on the Genesis. OJ then proceeds to kill his wife … Spotted on the BBPS.

GTA Vice City mod that makes the game into Back to the Future. Samus look-alike plays Metroid Prime 3. Finally, my fantasy can actually happen now! Spotted on VideoGamesBlogger — Thanks, Supa!

FYI, I’m a spy. Spotted on fearian’s CBlog.

How to kill 1,000 enemies in Spawn without doing a thing at all. Spotted on Kotaku & VC&G.

Another one in a million Halo 3 video. One guy throws a Frag, the other guy throws a Spike Grenade, the Frag gets caught on the Spike so both grenades head towards the guy who threw the Frag.Martial artist does an awesome routine set to Street Fighter. The Shoryuken and Hadouken were great.

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