Weekend Destructainment: Killionaire

G4 gets adult star Kirsten Price to play Kinect in the nude. Everyone is a winner!

After the break, it’s an auto-tune remix of the red shirt guy. Then it’s a heavy metal remix of Star Fox. Next up, Mario gets roasted. Then it’s an insane Minecraft video. Next, samurai slice in real life. Followed by the I wanna get a Killionaire song. The Destructainment ends with Kinect watching everything you do.

Red shirt guy auto-tune remix!

A metal remix of Corneria’s theme from Star Fox.

Mario gets roasted by the Mushroom Kingdom.

Someone made this in Minecraft. Holy crap.

Rhythm Tengoku samurai slice in real life.

I wanna get a Killionaire, the song.

Kinect never stops watching you.


Hamza Aziz