Weekend Destructainment: It’s raining men

This is one of the best videogame covers I’ve ever heard. It’s absolutely blissful hearing the After Burner theme performed on the violin. I never even realized that a person could rock out so hard with a violin. 
Hey, Weekend Destructainment is on time this week! Awesome! After the break, watch as the 1Up Mushroom chases Mario. Then it’s a Cumbia cover of the Super Mario theme. Next up is Chris Tucker as the Witch! Then check out what videogames would be like if they had horrific sound effects.
Random Robot Intermission is up next with the robot spider vehicle. Then it’s raining men in Skate 2. Next, Wario plays the Mario theme. Followed by the Beat Crusaders’ LittleBigPlanet music video. The overly jam packed Destructainment full of music related videos ends with Final Fantasy Dissidia mashed with the Cowboy Bebop intro. 

The 1Up Mushroom chases Mario in Mario 64. Starts at 2:55 and the reactions are funny. Spotted on GoNintendo.

Los Sonoreños: La Cumbia de Mario Bros, meng.

Chris Tucker is the Witch! Spotted on Genki-JAM’s blog.

Videogames would be a whole lot different if they had these kinds of sound effects in place. Spotted on GoNintendo.

Random Robot Intermission: The robot spider vehicle.

It’s raining men in Skate 2.

Wario plays the Mario theme … k. Thanks, 3typen.

J Rockers, Beat Crusaders, make a music video with LittleBigPlanet. Spotted on Zac Bentz’s C Blog.

Final Fantasy Dissidia meets the Cowboy Bebop intro. Spotted on idleeidolon’s C Blog.

Hamza Aziz