Weekend Destructainment: IT’S BURGER TIME!

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This is the greatest spoof ever made of the worst trailer ever made. Spotted on Paul Soth’s C Blog
The Destructainment continues on after the break with a song from Chrono Trigger blown on beer bottles. Then, check out the premier episode of Taco-Man the Game Master. Random Robot Intermission is next with the portable autonomous sentry gun. 
Next up, it turns out that Jack Thompson was right all along and he’s our only hope for the future. Then it’s a representation of how all the Sony fanboys felt when Final Fantasy XIII was announced for the Xbox 360. Then, check out just how horribly embarrassing the Guitar Hero: World Tour presentation at the Xbox 360 keynote was. The Destructainment ends with Mega64’s recap of the first day of E3 2008.

Chrono Trigger played on beer bottles. Thanks, Tom!

Taco-Man the Game Master episode 1. Thanks, Sam! This has some good potential, but the random review of Killer Instinct hurt it. But it did make me go listen to the Killer Cuts CD again.

Random Robot Intermission: The portable autonomous sentry gun.

Jack Thompson was right! Only Jack can save us from the videogames.

FF XIII petition to keep the game exclusive to the PS3. It’s fake, but you know there were plenty of people acting just like this when the news was dropped.

Guiter Hero: World Tour presentation. It’s a tie between this presentation and the WiiMusic drummer guy as the worst thing from all of the keynotes at E3. Either way, Giant Enemy Crab and Ridge Rrracccer have finally been topped. Spotted on KamikazeTutor’s C Blog.

Mega64 recaps the first day of E3. Spotted on Frank’s C Blog.

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