Weekend Destructainment: Internet People!

 What’s better than a meme? Making a song about a ton of memes! ChannelFrederator took our favorite memes and made an awesome song uniting them all. There are a few in the song directly relating to videogames so it’s more than appropriate for this video making it onto Destructoid. I don’t know if I should be proud or sad that I recognized about 90% of the memes in the video. 
Welcome to another weekly edition of Weekend Destructainment! It’s half the size it usually is but the very last video should make up for that. The Destructainment starts off with Dtoider Nyteshade making Mario masturbate with a special shout out to Destructoid. Then, a very scary video of a crazy WoW player.
Next up, it’s Random Robot Intermission and an awesome rap song. After that, it’s the King of Fighters cartoon! Followed by CannibalCalvin transforming an Xbox into an Xbox 360. Mr. Destructoid, Colette, Chris Furniss and Flynn DeMarco jam out to Rock Band at PAX wraps things up. 

Nyteshade made Mario masturbate. Dtoid community FTW! Spotted on Nyteshade’s Cblog.


players are scary. And pathetic. Spotted on Volcanon’s CBlog.

Random Robot Intermission: Prefuse 73: The End of Biters (awesome song). Spotted on BahamutZero’s Cblog.

The King of Fighters cartoon — Part one. Parts two and three over at GayGamer

CannibalCalvin turns an Xbox into an Xbox 360.

Mr. Destructoid, Colette Bennett, Chris Furniss and Flynn DeMarco play Rock Band at PAX. Spotted on LarkOhiya’s Cblog

Hamza Aziz