Weekend Destructainment: I’m a Shark!

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Granted, this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with videogames, but the I’m a Shark meme has some how evolved to be a giant part of Destructoid. The mastermind behind this video and song is none other than the extremely talented GuitarAtomik and the audio is definitely not safe for work. And hey, there are a few videogame scenes in the video too!
So how does one top a Weekend Destructainment that is started off with I’m a Shark? Why by combo breaking the usual 10 video limit, that’s how! After the jump, check out a North Korean solider getting chocked slammed from high up in the sky in Crysis. Then it’s the latest GTA IV trailer done in San Andreas. Next up, a guy plays through Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles all in one sitting. Then it’s a one-man band has he performs the Legend of Zelda theme on three instruments. A new episode in the Master Chief sucks at Halo series follows that. 
Then, C-Blogger Dagerr shows us just how much he sucks in Halo. Next, it’s Bill Gate’s last day at Microsoft. An unbelievable video of some of the worst smack talking you’ve ever heard is up next. Then a video showing off a future mod bring the Mario and Halo universe together. The Halo overload continues with Dtoider Rorschach’s custom map in Halo 3 that looks like Mr. Destructoid. The Destructainment ends with a techno music remix of the Angry German Kid. 

Chock slamming a guy in Crysis from a top a 3,000 story structure. OK, I don’t know how tall that structure really is, but it’s pretty damn tall. 

The latest GTA IV trailer (“Move up, ladies”) completely recreated in GTA: San Andreas.

Guy plays through Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles all in one sitting. And if you’re wondering, it’s the GameCube version of the games. 

The Legend of Zelda theme performed on three instruments by just one guy. Check out his other videos on his YouTube as they’re all pretty good. 

New episode in the Master Chief sucks at Halo series with the Arbiter being introduced. Spotted on Vexed Alex’s C-Blog.

Dagerr shows us how horrible great of a Halo player he is.

Bill Gate’s last day at Microsoft. Spotted on BFeld13’s C-Blog.

Some of the funniest “smack talking” you’ll ever hear. CURLEY MUSTACHE! Spotted on Kotaku.

A Mario mod combining the Halo world with the Mario world. This is just a test video, but holds a lot of promise.  Spotted on Madninja’s C-Blog.

Halo 3 map made to look like Mr. Destructoid. Made by Rorschach.

Techno music made out of the Angry German Kid. Spotted on Reaprar’s C-Blog.

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