Weekend Destructainment: I like to laugh at children crying edition

Yeah, I know I’m a jerk. I don’t know why I laugh so hard at this kid crying, but I do. It may have something to do with my father not loving me enough as a child. That, or I just despise other people’s kids. In any case, I know I’m going to hell so I’m making the most of my time on Earth.
On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, I bring to you a total of nine videos for your pleasure. After the jump, enjoy a little random clip from the classic Resident Evil 2. Then a video of hot women dressed up as Tekken characters. After that, a funny bit from Summoner where they are playing D&D. Then a video of a Wii and 360 having a wonderful time together.
Next, the trailer from Smash Bros Brawl recreated in 16-bit fashion. Then a clip of Tetris being played on a building. After that, the first episode of Heavy.com’s horrible attempt at a videogame show. Finally, the Destructainment ends with Random Robot Intermission and the Transformers rap. 

The death of William Birkin from Resident Evil 2. Totally random submission to GameVideos for the win!

Sorry, this may be old, but it’s TnA!



characters play D&D. The game pretty much sucked but this sketch is hilarious.  

The Wii and 360 are having a wonderful time together. Gotta love the Rejected love at the end.

The Smash Bros Brawl trailer in 16-bit form. 

Tetris being played on a building. Thanks Zhai! 

Heavy.com has a new game show called Game Slap. You’ll feel like you’ve been slapped after watching it.

Random Robot Intermission: The Transformers Rap. Thanks Demi!

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