Weekend Destructainment: Hey! Let’s do it!

Mega Man is loved by all. Even his enemies. 
More Mega Man songs continue on after the jump with the Mega Man III lyrics music video. Then, it’s the third episode of Legend of Neil where Neil has sex with a fairy. Next up, witness the only good thing about the Major League Eating game. Then travel back in time to E3 ’95 and the Killer Instinct girls.
Random Robot Intermission is up next with the Medieval robot. Next up, listen to the Mario Bros. theme played on a Theremin. The heavy musical focused theme continues with sound effects in Halo 3 made into a song. Then it’s Wii dating service. The Destructainment ends with the greatest cover of a Final Fantasy song, EVAR!

The Mega Man III song with lyrics.

The Legend of Neil episode 3: Neil fucks a fairy.

You can fight a bear in Major League Eating.

The Killer Instinct girls from E3 1995.

Random Robot Intermission: The Medieval robot.

The Super Mario Bros. theme performed on a Theremin. Spotted on GoNintendo.

The Sounds of Cold Storage. Halo 3 sound effects made into a song. Spotted on Nebone’s C Blog.

Wii would like to date. Spotted on BSD’s blog.



Greatest Final Fantasy IV cover evar, the four lords of the elements.

Hamza Aziz