Weekend Destructainment: Hey baby, want a Screw Attack?

I had the pleasure of meeting Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig from ScrewAttack at E3 last week. We were at the Bethesda party and we got to talking about their videos. They brought up their E3 special they made before heading out to E3 2007 and I told them I would love to use it. I was a little hammered though and didn’t think that when I finally could get a chance to use it, everyone would stop caring about anything E3 related. But a promise is a promise damn it! It was actually pretty nice to see all the past E3s and what made each so special.

On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, I present to you a total of 8 videos for your enjoyment. After the jump, the show starts off with a little video of Nintendo invading the real world. After that, a collection of some old school ads for the original Famicom. Next on the list is the video of OJ Simpson’s team from All-Pro Football and the most amazing mascot ever.

Then it’s another Mario meets LEGO mash-up. Next, CliffyB tells some jokes. Behind the scenes footage of the new PGR 4 commercial where a Ferrari F430 crashes. The Destructainment ends with Random Robot Intermission and a rap called Death to Robots.  

Nintendo invades the world.A bunch of old school ads for the Famicom. Spotted on GayGamer.

When OJ Simpson scores a touchdown in All-Pro Football 2K8, the team’s mascot stabs the air. Spotted on GamePolitics — Thanks Buck F1tches!
Super LEGO Mario. Spotted on The Tanooki — Thanks Matthew! 

CliffyB tells some jokes. Thanks Buck!

Ferrari F430 crashes while shooting a Project Gotham 4 commercial. Spotted on AutoBlog.

Random Robot Intermission: Death to Robots. An awesome and really weird rap on robots. May be NSFW. Thanks Buck! 

Hamza Aziz