Weekend Destructainment: Halo 3 edition

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Recently, the folks at Bungie were given the opportunity to drive the Warthog WETA made. Of course, they almost damage this one of a kind design while driving it around. To quote Mxyzptlk: “What would be awesome is if it flipped, then one guy righted the thing by himself.” Thanks, Professor Pew!
Yes, it’s an extra delicious flavored Halo 3 Weekend Destructainment this week. After the jump, we have the Halo 3 theme done in Mario Paint. Next, SarcasticGamer does a little hoedown to the Halo 3 hype. After that, an old ad for Rumble Roses called Lingerie Fight. Then, a few ads from the Atari Jaguar days.
A three part video showing a guy getting ALL seven Chaos Emeralds just on Emerald Hill in Sonic 2 follows that. Next, the Halo 3 trailer running on a PS3 booth. Then a video of someone actually beating Super Mario Frustration. Followed by a little girl owning at Guitar Hero 2. Finally, the show ends with Random Robot Intermission and Robot sex.  

The Halo 3 theme done in Mario Paint. Thanks, Grim!

The Halo 3 Hype Hoedown. [Via SarcasticGamer and spotted on Racoon’s Cblog.]

Old ad for Rumble Roses called “Lingerie Fight”. Hawt.A collection of ads for the Atari Jaguar. Collecting every single Chaos Emerald in Sonic 2 on just on Emerald Hill. This is bananas! Spotted on Kif’s Cblog where you can also view parts two and three.

Halo 3 running on Sony’s PS3 booth, tee hee. Spotted on iRaf’s Cblog

Someone actually beat Super Mario Frustration! Bonus, a Mario themed gansta rap! Word. Kif, you rock.

Why are little kids so good at Guitar Hero!?

Random Robot Intermission: Robot sex. It really really really sucks, but at least we know where Mr. Destructoid’s **** is now.

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