Weekend Destructainment: Gon with the wind edition

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Ah, Japan. The land of robots, hot women, crazy gadgets, better cell phones and some of the best reality shows on the planet. Let this be a warning to you all if you ever visit Japan: Don’t play videogames that are a big empty room. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

The Destructainment begins with Stephen Colbert proclaiming his love for Gamecock. Next, The Super Smash Brawl lyrics have been translated. Then, the best endings from the Tekken series.  Catch a glimpse of a Guitar Hero roadies life after that. Then a lame spoof of Guitar Hero called Harmonica Hero

Next up, the Half-Life series in 60 seconds. Then an awesome hiding spot in Halo 3. The Destructainment ends with Random Robot Intermission and Robot Chicken

Stephen Colbert loves Cock! Er, Gamecock I mean!

The Super Smash Brawl lyrics deciphered! The monkey wants to hug him! Spotted on jdub28’s C-Blog.

The best ending ever? Gon’s ending from Tekken 3. Spotted on Professor Pew’s C-Blog.

Guitar Hero

roadies. Thanks to Justin Lamb of SPF7!

Harmonica Hero

. These Hero spoofs started and stopped being funny with Accordion Hero.

The Half-Life series in 60 seconds An amazing hiding spot on Construct in Halo 3. Random Robot Intermission: Random clips from Robot Chicken. Eh, it counts.

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