Weekend Destructainment: Geoff-o-licious Edition

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Hello, everyone! Here’s my show, “The GameBoys” in its fourth episode. It’s a horrible video game review show filled with immature sex jokes by a bunch of losers with video cameras. It runs 30 minutes too long, so don’t view it unless you’re a masochist.

Anyway, my name is Geoff Mendicino, and I am proud to be Mr. Destructoid Entertainment this week! (CTZ is tied up in my closet for a week, don’t even bother trying to get him back.) This week, we have a Pump It Up score run. Then an awesome Mortal Kombat ending with superb acting. Afterwards, the best Best Buy commercial ever. Next, a Fat Kid playing some real life Street Fighter, followed by a crazy IIDX music video. Onwards, a Stepping Selection music video, continued by an awesome Japanese Sonic commercial. The crazy video streak ends with insane Beatmania IIDX gameplay, a “Hatin’ Nintendo” rap and a piano version of Super Mario Bros 3’s second level.

2. Pump It Up Score Run: Dignity – Nightmare

This guy is not human. See how he moves his feet? It must hurt to be in the sack with him. Jboy won the national US Pump It Up 2006 Festival and placed 7th at the World event. In other words, holy crap. 3. Mortal Kombat 4 – Ending – Jax

FULOKOLOKAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! 4. Best Buy Spiderman Commercial

Spiderman!! What’s crackin’, baby?! 5. Fat Kid Street Fighter

A slightly overweight child loses a real life fight of Street Fighter. This is probably one of the best Street Fighter combo videos I’ve ever seen. 6. Macho Gang IIDX video

This is the music video for Macho Gang for the game Beatmania IIDX. It’s really scary and I want to share it with everyone here. 7. Stepping Selection – Ghostbusters

This video comes out of Stepping Selection (click the link and see how popular it is), an arcade dance simulator that was very unique. Their videos are even more unique! Imagine the parents walking by while you’re “dancing” to this video. 8. Japanese Sonic Advance Commercial

A Sonic Advance Commercial that makes no sense. Now, why can’t they make commercials like this in America? 9. HELL – Bloody Tears (IIDX Edition) [A] – AAA

A crazy Japanese dude getting a “AAA” score on a level 9 IIDX song. I love this video for two reasons. One, it reminds me how the Japanese are superior at everything they do. Two, Bloody Tears, in my opinion, is the best video game music EVER. 10. Hatin’ Nintendo Rap

A very well put together rap of why this guy thinks Nintendo sucks and Sony rules. This man is the new Kanye West. 11. Super Mario 3 – Level 2 Piano Version

A piano version of Super Mario 3 – Level 2. Nanlinr is known for making excellent piano covers for popular DDR songs, but this is really well done… Until the end. That’s it for this weekend’s D-to-the-Toid Entertainment! Hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to e-mail us if you have any videos you’d like to see up in our limelight. I’m looking forward to serving the awesome Destructoid community, thank all of you for the opportunity. <3

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