Weekend Destructainment: Gamer forever

At first, I thought this would be really cheesy, but it’s actually not bad at all. Forever Gamer is a song about old school gaming and how magical it was. It’s set in a trance style and you just can’t help but want to dance to this.  It wraps up really nicely too. Thanks, Zukker! 
More dancing might occur in this week’s Destructainment as the first video after the jump is that Call of Duty 4 techno song. After that, it’s another episode of Arby ‘n’ the Chief. Then it’s a bunch of idiots pretending to be rock stars. Next up, the Street Fighter II beatbox remix. Next, a mod of a NES cartridge with a harmonica. 
Random Robot Intermission follows with a robotic pack mule. Then it’s a DIY guide to making a Kano/Cyborg face mask. Followed by Destructoid on a game show. The Destructainment ends with one of the worst ads for videogames ever.  

Call of Duty 4 techno. Sounds taken from the game used to create this catchy tune. Thanks Foxwood! 

Arby ‘n’ the Chief play some Brawl

Rocking out like a fake rock star for some retarded competition.  

Street Fighter II beatbox remix. Thanks Christina! 

The HarmoNESica. It’s a NES cartridge infused with harmonica. Clever. Spotted on Kotaku

Random Robot Intermission: Big Dog, the robotic pack mule. So awesome. 

DIY Kano Cyborg face mask from Mortal Kombat series. From the awesome folks at Indy Mogul.



OH SNAP! Destructoids on that horrible NBC game show, My Dad is Better than your Dad. 

One of the worst ads for videogames ever.  Spotted on GoNintendo.

Hamza Aziz