Weekend Destructainment: Final Fantasy is a suicide cult

For Tax Reasons is a new animation duo that have made some pretty hilarious films recently. In their latest one that was featured on BoingBoing, a dad confronts his son about the evils of the Internet and the zipper issue in Final Fantasy. After the episode ends, there’s a behind the scenes with the creators of the video which also makes this video double as a Random Robot Intermission material. Oh, and the Verizon ad is AWESOME! Spotted on MechaMonkey’s C-Blog.

The Destructainment continues on after the jump with a Kirby dance off! Then it’s what Tron would be if it was all made with cardboard. Next, a mashup of Mega Man and Wicker Man. Another movie spoof is next with I catch your Pokemon, I catch them all!

Then check out Snake molesting Nintendo’s female all stars. After that is a video showing you how to get unlimited XP in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. The Destructainment ends with Michael Jacksons involvement in Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Kirby dance off! Thanks, Loki Power.

Tron, cardboarded. Thanks, Orion Saint! 

Mega Man meets Wicker Man. BEES!!!!!! Thanks, Grim!

I catch your Pokemon! I catch them all! Spoof of the There Will Be Blood movie. Spotted on Dead Movie Star’s C-Blog

Super Smash Bros Pervert. Spotted on Power-Glove’s C-Blog.

Unlimited XP glitch in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Spotted on Snaileb’s C-Blog

Sure it’s old, but it’s awesome: Michael Jackson made music for Sonic 3.  Spotted on Justice’s C-Blog.

Hamza Aziz