Weekend Destructainment: FALCON PUNCH has a fruity flavor!

Does the Red Rings of Death plague know no bounds? It’s even making CheapyD’s baby cry! Oh noes! Also, this video made me realize that Tai is going to be set for life when it comes to videogames. Thanks, redzie!

Aaaaaaannndd welcome to WeekendDestructainmentGO!, Destructoid’s number one Destructainment. Welcome to episode, ummm, March 1st 2008! I’m your host, CTZ and joining me after the break is what the Oscars would look like if it were a videogame. Then, it’s Captain Falcon times four singing on the Castle stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. After that, it’s a sweet laser cannon mod for Call of Duty 4

Next up is some very scary footage from a documentary on videogame addiction. Then it’s a hilarious glitch from the new LOST game. Next up, see what happens when you select the female gender in Halo 3. Heavy Weapons Guy and the Medic get it on after that. Next is a FALCON PUNCH montage. The Destructainment ends with Kylie Minogue doing what she does best (being half naked and tenting pants).

What the Oscars would be like if it was a videogame. Spotted on The BBPS.

Show me your moves Captain Falcon! Spotted on Qalamari’s C-Blog

Laser cannon mod for Call of Duty 4. Spotted on Fuzzy’s C-Blog

Videogame addiction is scary. Spotted on Butterflies and Hurricanes’ C-Blog

Hiliarious LOST glitch that causes Jack to dance like crazy. Spotted on MegaTONIK.

This is what happens if you choose to be a female in Halo 3. Spotted on Twisted Imp’s C-Blog

Heavy Weapons Guy and the Medic get it on. Thanks goes to somebody. 

FALCON PUNCH is delcious. Thanks Professor Pew! 

Kylie Minogue in a very sexy lingerie ad. This is videogame related because Kylie was in the Street Fighter movie and because Ripten says so … why didn’t I ever think of this?! 

Hamza Aziz