Weekend Destructainment: EXPLODING TESTICLES

Random Robot Intermission: Enslaved robots dancing for our sick amusement. Spotted on darkair’s C Blog.

Ye Olde commercial of the week: Pokemon Stadium: Better than dirt bikes and half-naked women combined. Spotted on Charles Sharam’s C Blog.

Robot Chicken does Parappa the Rappa. Oh, and Tila Tequila guest voices. Spotted on Loki Power’s C Blog.

The Japanese de Blob ad is, ummmmm … yeah.

PlayStation Home orgy. Thanks, Eryc!

Music video for a song called Tonight. The video parodies Vib Ribbon as the patient runs along the EKG line of his life support machine. Thanks, CoffeeSash!

100 SNES games in 10 minutes=AWESOME MONTAGE. Spotted on guysgirl’s C Blog.

The Samba de Amigo workout. Spotted on GoNintendo.

Hamza Aziz