Weekend Destructainment: Don’t mess with Yoshi

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Here’s the season finale for The Legend of Neil. After having sex with a fairy, dealing with a tourettes Old Man, fighting off skeletons, and all sorts of other creatures, it’s come down to Neil fighting the first boss. It looks like the boss could win the fight, but soon Neil and the boss spill their hearts to each other. 

Thanks to Jim Sterling for taking care of Weekend Destructainment last week. After the break, watch as two parrots play End War. Then check out LEGO Guitar Hero. Next up, an old ad for Yoshi’s Island for the GBA. Then it’s a promo tape for Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Next up, Felicia Day sings “Still Alive” at PAX. Then it’s a Daikatana preview from 1999. Followed by Random Robot Intermission and robot sex. The Destructainment ends with an interview with a Combine soldier from Half-Life 2

Even parrots can play End War! Via Gamextract, Thanks Amir!

LEGO Guitar Hero. Probably not what you’re expecting.

Yoshi will fuck up your ride.

VHS promo tape for Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Spotted on BFeld13’s Blog.

Felicia Day sings “Still Alive”. Spotted on Brian Keljore

Daikatana preview from 1999. Spotted on PeZ.What is up with the random pan down to the chick’s breasts?

Random Robot Intermission: Robot Sex, the techno song. Yes I searched for “robot sex”.

Interview with a Combine from Half-Life 2.



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