Weekend Destructainment: Carmageddon

This is what happens when you turn off the friction physics in Grand Theft Auto IV.

More Destructainment continues with a Team Fortress 2 song mash-up. Then two best friends play Dead Rising 2. Followed by Prince Peach and Zelda talking about their hard lives. Next, Mega64 has a new series on GameTrailers.

Then it’s the return of Random Robot Intermission! Next up, an artist does an amazing painting of Solid Snake. Followed by a song about the retro days. The Destructainment ends with a one-man-band doing Earthbound music.

Team Fortress 2 mashed-up with M.I.A. Thanks, Ben!

Two best friends play Dead Rising 2. Thanks, Matt!

Princess Peach and Zelda love getting kidnapped.

Mega64’s new series on GameTrailers.

Random robot intermission: Quadrotor team builds a structure.

Artist Yoji Shinkawa paints Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Konami HQ.

“Genesis 16:12” by The Left Rights (Mindless Self Indulgence). Thanks, Bill!

One-man-band does Earthbound. Spotted on Go Nintendo.

Hamza Aziz