Weekend Destructainment: BEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this years Game Developer’s Choice Awards, The Escapist’s Yahtzee did a few skits to keep the crowd entertained in between the award segments. Yahtzee went over the 2007’s big hits and misses in his classic style hating on everything and everyone. My favorite part has to be the BioShock/Mario Bee Suit joke.  

The Weekend is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get Destructainmented. After the jump, take a look at the strongest FPS weapon ever. Next up, it’s R.O.B. being awesome. Then it’s a neat mod of Unreal set in the LEGO world. Followed by the ‘Mad World’ Gears of War 2 mashup.

Next up, take a look at how horrible Super Mario Bros. would look like on the Atari. Then it’s the epic hunt for a Nintendo Wii. Next, FALCON SKATEBOARD!!! Random Robot Intermission is up next and steals the show with the most epic robot dream mix ever. The Destructainment ends with some Shakespeare style trash talking in Halo 3

The strongest FPS weapon ever.

R.O.B. is Awesome. Thanks Tron.

Unreal mod setting the game in LEGO world. Spotted on PS Network. 

Gears of War 2, ‘Mad World’ style. Spotted on 2pStart

What Super Mario Bros. would look like on the Atari. Spotted on WiiFanBoy.

Nintendo Wii: The Movie: Part 1 (the rest of the episodes on the YouTube profile.) Thanks, Mike!

FALCON SKATEBOARD!! Spotted on SWE3tMadness’s C-Blog

Random Robot Intermission: I have no idea what this is for, but I want it. Badly.

Halo 3 Shakespeare trash talking.

Hamza Aziz