Weekend Destructainment: Ball bangin’ fun

Check out the story of Chad, the guy who loved Super Monkey Ball Deluxe so much that he decided to live in a ball. The video is pretty old in Internet Standard Time, but it’s never graced the front page before! Thanks, Blindeside!

Destructainment continues on after the break with Geoff Mendicino trying to trade in Madden 2006 at GameStop. Then watch as a guy blows up someone with 40 mines in Fallout 3. Next up, Heidi Klum strips down to her underwear for a Guitar Hero World Tour ad.

Random Robot Intermission is next with Honda’s walking assit device. Then it’s a mod for Resident Evil 4 turning Leon into Link. Next, check out a new gaming device that requires players to finger bang it. Then it’s an ad for Zelda Orcales on the Game Boy Color. The Destructainment ends with the singing Cockatiel singing some Legend of Zelda.

Geoff Mendicino tries to trade in Madden 2006 at GameStop. Spotted on FreezeCracker.

Screwing around in Fallout 3: Watch as a guy drops 40 mines to blow someone up. Spotted on EternalDarkWing’s C Blog

Heidi Klum shows off her Guitar Hero skills for a new World Tour ad.

Random Robot Intermission: Honda’s walking assist device. Spotted on Geekologie.

Resident Evil 4 mod turning Leon into Link. Spotted on GoNintendo.

The Finger Banging game. It’s a gaming device where players have to actually finger the device. Your finger will appear on the LCD screen, making contact with the characters in the game.


Old school ad for Zelda Orcales of Ages and Seasons. Spotted on Charles Sharam’s C Blog.


Remember the singing Cockatiel? Check it out as it sings some Legend of Zelda.

Hamza Aziz