Weekend Destructainment: A celebration of bad voice acting

Your regular Destructainment host Hamza is away fighting in The Great War this weekend, so your regular collection of game-related videos is being presented by yours truly instead.

I thought we’d do something a little special this week and have a themed post. I’m an irregular poster on NeoGAF and sometimes a thread there really catches me eye. One such thread was a collection of cutscenes with absolutely horrendous voice acting. I have decided to collect these scenes and share them with the Destructoid community as both a celebration of unintentional comedy and a sober reminder of just how much a cheap vocal cast can ruin a game’s artistic merit.

Up above we have the rather hilarious opening to Transformers on the PS2. I love me some G1 Transformers, but not when they’ve voiced like … that. Check out the Megatron, he’s really into it, even though he’s crap.  

Metal Wolf Chaos — SUCK … ON MY … MISSILE PUNCH:

We’ve done Chaos Wars before, but this game, voiced by friends and family of the publisher, is worth watching again: 

The classic — Mega Man X4 with “WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOR!?”

Here’s some obligatory House of the Dead 2 nonsense for you:

Have some Xenogears with epic lip-sync:

Gaia Seed. This one is something else:

I’d love to do them all, but I’m getting quite sleepy. So let’s end with the king of them all. Take it away, Barry:

What? What is this? 
James Stephanie Sterling