Weekend Destructainment: 8 Videos that make me want to dance naked in front of my pets

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Bloodhound Gang music video. Fast forward to 2:53 to understand what this has to do with video games. (Spotted on Gay Gamer) Bloodhound Gang is a pretty good group. Hit the jump for music covers, a speed run, and a real life Pikachu.The Tetris theme played on an Accordion.The Zelda theme played on an Accordion. (Both Accordion vids spotted on Kotaku)Half Life 2 meets Steven ColbertThe Tetris theme on a guitarOld school Atari commercial “Atariiiiiiiiiiiiii” (Spotted on AeroPause)Star Fox 64 speed run (Spotted on Screw Attack)Hey look! A real life Pikachu!!!!!

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