Weekend Destructainment: 7 Videos. It’s hard out here for a Pokemon pimp. UPDATE

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In this first video, we are shown how hard it is to be a pimp in America. A Pokemon pimp, son. (Thanks Matthew!)In this video, we see an in depth comparison of the motion sensitivity of the Wii version and PS3 version of the new Tony Hawk games. [Spotted on Go Nintendo]Jump on in to watch an episode of Captain N, see a fanboy react to the closure of Lik-Sang, an awesome rap about the NES days, and a pizza playing Guitar Hero with 2 guitars fused together.(Fixed the Captain N episode issue and took out the prank call videos because they were removed.)And episode of Captain N Part 1 [Spotted on Go Nintendo]And episode of Captain N Part 2Captain N Part 3Fanboys Reaction to Lik-Sang Closure … wow, wasn’t expecting what happens at 2:13. (Thanks Luke!)Aziz (featuring DJ NES)- Oh My Good(NES) A real great rap tributing the 8 bit days. [Spotted on Go Nintendo]Xbox 360 Built By Games commercialA dude in a pizza costume using two Guitar Hero controllers fused together. []

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