Weekend Destructainment: 7 Videos and 999,999 points baby.

As far as anyone knows, this is the first time a high score of 999,999 in Tetris has ever been recorded. I’ve never gotten over 300,000 let alone last a half hour playing the game. Have a video you think I should feature on Weekend Destructainment? Then send me an email! cybernetictigerz @ gmail.comRussell Crowe – Episode #1Thanks to Chris for sending this video in (actually, Niero forwarded this to me 2 weeks ago but I forgot about it). The beginning part was extremely funny to me because I get customers like that all the time. The ending though, left me with a WTF moment. A few days after watching the video, it finally hits me.Super Mario Battle. A Japanese game show about video games. (Spotted on GayGamer)Mario in Myspace (created by the geniuses over at Over Time Comedy)Legend of Zelda town made in Animal Crossing DS (spotted on siliconera)The last level of Double Dragon on the GB (Spotted on Over Time Comdey)Mario 2 speed run in under 10 minutes

Hamza Aziz