Weekend Destructainment:
28 Videos to make your eyes explode

The above vid called The Legend of Zelda’s Relationships via Overtime Comedy is a great spoof of the Zelda cartoon series. Invisible guns, speed run, horrible acting, Marioness, all the endings for DOA 4, and more after the jump!A commercial for Rayman Wii I haven’t seen yet which means thatNO ONE else has seen it yet either :).Wow. The Texas Chain Saw the game sucked. Balls.Cheers to Nintendo [GO NINTENDO]Super Mario Bros. 2 Speed Run (not tool assisted, I believe)A great spoof on Senator Ted Stevens’ Tubes commentsNorm MacDonald – Pokemon Sketch [Overtime Comedy]Night Trap – Perfect Ending [Overtime Comedy]Mario Bros. for the Atari 2600 Super Mario Farting Hands Mario stop motion LEGOnessDead or Alive 4 Kasumi’s retarded mermaid dream endingDoA 4 Helna’s almost suicide endingDOA4 Hitomi’s naked/cooking endingDOA4 Ayane’s fighting along side her brother ending DOA4 Kokoro’s Memoirs of A Geisha endingDOA4 Tina’s skateboarding/guitar ending thingyDOA4 Hayate’s still fighting endingDOA4 Lei Fang’s ending where she gets half naked and felt up by a poor old manDOA4 Zack’s treasure hunting/fighting skeletons ending DOA4 Hayabusas/Mr. Ninja Gaiden fighting some futuristic harrier jetsDOA4 Brad Wong’s ending…Drunken Master was a good movieDOA4 Jann Lee’s Why he fights like Bruce Lee endingDOA4 Eliot’s Remebering her grandpa endingDOA4 Christie’s Stripper assaisn endingDOA4 La Mariposa’s Wrestling assassin ending DOA4 Bass’s Bike racing/over protective father endingDOA4 Bayman’s Ending interrogation ending

Hamza Aziz