Weekend Destructainment: 20 Videos of awesomeness

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Halo: 10 Ways To Know If Your A NoobFor some reason, I feel the need to explain Weekend Dtoidment to you all. Many of our friends post their wonderful finds throughout internet-land on a daily bases as their own separate posts. I believe that instead of cluttering up our main page with such wonderful videos, we instead make one main post for the week, hence Weekend Destructainment. Enjoy. And if you ever find something you think belongs here, then please shoot me an email! cybernetictigerz AT gmail.comMusic video shot entirely with Game Boy Camera! [Via BBPS]Early 80’s Famicom Ads. I think these two have an anger problem…[Via Kotaku]A song from the horrible Donkey Kong Country cartoon [Via Go Nintendo]The biggest damn Super Nintendo you will ever seen [Via Go Nintendo]Tetris, Simpsons style [Via Eat My Games]Tetris, Honda style [Via Eat My Games]Street Fighter Cosplay AnimeFriends 2006 [Via Bastardizer]NES Paperboy commercial [Via Bastardizer]Mario Bros For Atari Commercial (sorry it’s soundless, but still pretty funny)Hoollywood Halo Music Video HellNintendo – Play It Loud commercial [Via Over Time Comedy]First look at the Ultra 64 [Via Go Nintendo]MTV’s Unapproved Recut GTA: San Andreas Trailer (Biiigggg deal)DDR the movie (A DDR Movie in the works? Wow, looks like you missed one DMV 🙂 ) [Via Kotaku]Megaman Goes to Willamette Part 1 (Dead Rising spoof. In the style of Juggernaut Byatch!)Megaman Goes to Willamette Part 2Megaman Goes to Willamette Part 3Cosplaying Ulala dances for the crowd [Via Dark Diamond Network]The best DDR player in the whole entire universe. Period. (How is this humanly possible?!) [Via Dark Diamond Network]

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