Weekend Destructainment: 15 Videos that make you want to push Sheir off into an active volcano



I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering what the PS3 looks like on the inside. Well thanks to TechEBlog, we can see exactly what’s going on underneath the hood. The first video is just part 1. Jump in to see parts 2 and 3.

On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, we have for you CWH Nicole in video form, time attacks, a couple of AMVs, an episode of Mega Man, ghetto hacking the PSP and much more!

Remember CWH Nicole? Well here she is in video form! Nearly naked of course! And if you want to see her even more nakedish, then head on over to this thread! (Thanks to Ron Workman for the Break video link and to Lawl for adding a ton more stuff to the thread about Nicole!)

Breaking Benjimen meets Half Life 2. A very well done AMVish thingy. (Thanks ChronoHart!)

Legend of Zelda time attack in under 30 minutes (Spotted on Overtime Comedy)

Hunter model from Quake 3 gets her groove on! (Spotted on The Girl Gamer


PS3 getting disassembled Part 2


PS3 getting disassembled Part 3

The Simpsons arcade game. Overtime Comedy hated it, but I use to love it! 

Beavis and Butt-Head for the Genesis done in under 11 minutes (Spotted on Overtime Comedy)

Ape Escape 2 commercial. The Japanese sure love to rip pants off of monkeys (Spotted on Gay Gamer

An episode of Mega Man Part 1 (the awesome ’90s one, not that new Battle Chip bullshit | Spotted on Gay Gamer

Part 2 of the Mega Man episode

Part 3 of the Mega Man episode

Kotaku’s little chillen masters the Wiimote

DS Lite being disassembled (Spotted on Game Break

Getto hacking the PSP (Spotted on Game Break)


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