Weekend Destructainment: 15 Videos in which you’ll enjoy or I’ll freaking Shoryuken your punk a$$es

Video Game Violence: From A Gamers POVKirby Canvas Curse Nintendo DS commercial (spotted on GayGamer)PSP ad. Reminds me of a porno. Really. There was a Bubsy Cartoon… (Spotted on Overtime Comedy)Genesis, Sega CD, & 32X Promo (Spotted on Overtime Comedy)Shaq-Fu: THE GAME AD (Spotted on Overtime Comedy)God of War Ending Super Mario 64 EndingUmmmm, video games….Ecco the Dolphin EndingTomb Raider: Legend EndingPrey EndingStreet Fighter II Turbo – Ryu EndingMegaman for the Game Boy (last phase)Killer Instinct Orchid’s Ending

Hamza Aziz