Weekend Destructainment: 14 Videos that make me wish I was Spider-Man

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Street Fighter tournement, crowd goes nuts.Well, one of the videos makes me wish I was Spider-Man. The rest will either make you want to make a game based school play, beat games as fast as possible, or make you wonder what would really happen if you drank 16 gallons of Mr. Pibb and played Mario at the same time. King of Fighters real-lifeorizedAtari Vanguard CommercialGTA:SA 100 cars EXPLOSIONHalo – The Slilent Cartographer – Speed RunSpeed Run of Morrowind – Beaten in 7.5 MinutesPop’n 13 (This guy has some super fast hands!)Grandma Hardcore plays a little Stubbs The ZombieSpider-Man vs Kingpin GEN in 07:22 (HOLY SHIT! YOU GET TO BITCH SLAP RATS!!)Super Smash Bros. Melee Break the Targets 7 sec.Me, Myself, And Mario Monty Python HaloMario Paint commercialSuper Mario Bros 2 and Legend of Zelda Japanese commercial

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