Weekend Destructainment: 14 videos of the most extreme kind

I have to start off this weeks Weekend Destructainment with probably one of the funniest episodes of MxC I have seen yet. This episodes battle takes place between the Foot Wear Industry Vs the Video Game Industry. Some of the most painful eliminations ever in this video. Thanks to Free420 for sending in the link.

On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, I have for you a total of fourteen great videos. After the jump, we start things off with a mash up between World of Warcraft and Super Mario Bros. After that, an AMV video using Halo 2. Followed by an ad for the Atari LYNX. Then a video of a guy playing the flute AND beat boxing the Mario bros theme at the very same time. A little glitch hacking in Zelda Twilgiht Princess follows that. Then a high school play about a “Bowser hates Mario club”.

A nice rendition of a song from Chrono Trigger follows that. Then a video of a Wiimote turning into a vibrator. Another video from the Hadoken bros is after that. Another Wiitard accident, with blood too follows that video! Then we get to see how Tetris would be in analog form. Bill Gates emasculates all male Viva Pinata fans after that. And we finish off things with a guy who hacked Gears of War to play on his Wii.

World or Warcraft meets Super Mario Bros to form one of the stupidest mash ups I’ve seen yet. Thanks Arrested Developer!

An AMV with Halo 2 made by Dtoider Husky Hog

The original Atari LYNX commercial (Spotted on TechEBlog)

Guy playing the Mario theme on a flute AND beat boxing at the same time. Thanks Aetsen!

A little rooftop hacking in Zelda Twilight Princess. Thanks again Aetsen!

The Bowser hates Mario club! (Spotted on Kotaku)

The Wind Scene song from Chrono Trigger played on a Okinawan Shamisen. Info about it at the YouTube page. The song is really good. Thanks Faith!

A Wiimote goes all glitchy and turns into a vibrator. Thanks Riku!

Another video from the Hadoken Bros. This time, they mix all fighting styles into one! Scorpion’s Get Over Here comboed with Ryu’s Shoryuken? Priceless. Thanks YadGage!

Another Wiitard video! They’re playing some Tennis when the guy goes nuts and hits a glass light cover over his head. His hand starts to bleed! Thanks Jeff!

Analog Tetris. This is what Tetris would have been if it was a non-digital game. Thanks Detry

Bill Gates tells it like how it is. Viva Pinata is for girls! Thanks Soccerking3t!

Before you check out this video, there’s some back history to it. There was another video made this past week (which has been taken down) of a guy supposedly playing Gears of War on a PS3. Well this is a video response I have for you to that video. A guy gets Gears of War to play on the Wii. He is such a l33t hacker ya’ll.

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