Weekend Destructainment: 13 videos for this dead weekend

It seems like it’s going to be one of those weekends where not much is going to happen. Luckily for you all, I’m here to provide you with Weekend Destructainment

The first video is called the Wii Sex 2: The Half-Assed sequel. Yes, it’s a sequel to the first Wii sex video I showed you all a couple of weeks ago. This time, a DS Lite gets molested. SW33T!

I got thirteen videos for your enjoyment this weekend, chillens. After the jump, we start things off with an old clip from The Screen Savers mocking a funny Doom 3 video, a guide on how to get all of the skulls in Halo 2, a video showing off Ico was originally going to be a PS1 game, a super secret power up from Mario World, an ad for Super Mario Kart, a speed run through the Simpsons arcade game, the voice actor for Mario showing off his talents, a hack to play Tetris on a PIN machine, Mr. Destructoid fighting a monkey, a fat Solid Snake, and an awesome 8-Bit tune.

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht spoofing a video of a couple of kids playing Doom 3 who are getting scared shitless while playing the game.

A Mod to Halo CE made to look like Zelda.

A montage of collecting all of the skulls in Halo 2.

HOLY SNAP! Ico was originally going to be a PS1 game?! Wow, doesn’t look that bad either. (Spotted on Kotaku)


Old school ad for Super Mario Kart on the SNES … DYNAMITE!!!! 

Speed run through the classic Simpsons arcade game (42 minutes long).

The voice actor for Mario and Wario showing off his skills. 

Playing Tetris on a hacked PIN machine.

Mr. Destructoid VS a monkey using The Movies engine (Thanks tehuberone!)

Solid Snake has gotten fat. (Spotted on Aeropause)

8-Bit disco (Spotted on GayGamer — the tune is so damn catchy!)

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