Weekend Destructainment: 11 videos for your entertainment

I start things off this week with something mildly gaming related. The video above is an interview with Troy Hurtubise. For two years now, he has been making a suit of armor that has a very futuristic feel to it. This suit was mostly inspired by the battle suits from Star Wars and Halo. It’s a very great concept and looks very slick too. I’ve always wanted to get the MJOLNIR armor one day, but I’d rather get The Trojan instead now.
On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, I bring to you 11 videos. We start off with a flash battle between Ryu and Scorpion, followed by a couple of videos about Hadokening, then a video of how video games teach people to fight, something called Spoo, a teaser to Half-Life 1 being remade with the Source engine, real life Tetris, Dane Cook in Halo 2, a great Garry’s Mod, and a crazy ad for Dr. Mario

Ryu Vs Scorpion. It pretty much sucks, fyi. [Spotted on Endangered Gamer]

Hadoken Bros episode 1. What can I say? We love home made stuff like this here at Destructoid. Thanks YadGadge!

Hadoken Bros episode 2.  

“I learned how to fight through video games”

What the hell did I just watch? Something called Spoo invades Mario Bros … [Spotted on Japanator

I think I’m the last person on the Internet to find out that Half-Life 1 is being remade using the Source engine by some hardcore fans. [Spotted on Kotaku]

It’s Tetris recreated in real life by real people! [Spotted on Kotaku]

Dane Cook meets Halo 2. Thanks Stupid Dupid

The Garry’s Mod house party. You just have to love what you can do with the G-Mod. [Spotted on Garry’s Mod

Old school ad for Dr. Mario. Am I the only one who thinks of Pikmin when I see this ad? [Spotted on TechEBlog

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