Weekend Destructainment: 10 videos that will make you bend over in pain

CyberneticTigerZ is away this weekend partying it up with the girls of Nerdcore. Lucky bugger. So while TigerZ is away, Faith gets to bring you the best videos this week from the intertubes.

First I bring you proof that Sony has always lacked the tact required to make good commercials that don’t insult someone at some point. Check out the top video to see how Sony used to insult the masses back in the early days.

Hit the jump from more video goodiness from some sweet Line Rider videos to another Wiincident that will have you screaming for more. Or a puke bucket, depends on your gender.

Another victim is claimed by a vicious Nintendo Wii player. Guys, you may want to look away for this one.

A sweet Mortal Kombat music video created from original footage from the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games.

Unconed’s Line Rider video called Jagged Peak Adventure featuring music from Cowboy Bebop.

Another Line Rider video called Urban Run featuring music from Katamari Damacy. Created by the same guy as Jagged Peak Adventure.

Fan-made Wii commercial created by Theodor Berg for a contest on the Web site, Game Over Network.

Sweet rendition of the Emerald Hills Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog played on piano.

Scenes from the 100th episode of Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run aka Judgement Day, two video game shows from Canada.

Mouthy Cabbage Patch doll looking kid talks about his hate for the Wii.

Finally for all the hard working sphere hunters in Spira, Yuna sings Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” featuring footage from Final Fantasy X and X2.

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