Weekend Deals: Witcher 3, Galactic Civilizations III up to 28% off

Now where’s my $500 GPU…

Update 6/1: A new 40% off discount has sprung up on The Witcher 3. Login or create an account on this page and drop the price to $35.99.

The The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is finally releasing next week May 19th. It’s storming in for the usual MSRP of $59.99 on console and PC – unless you preorder on PC where there’s a 10% discount anywhere you shop.

It’s even cheaper on a few select digital retailers. Top pick from us would be from DLGamer right now at $42.99 (28% off), or GMG which has a deal for 27% off cutting the game to $43.80. Two excellent bargains just ahead of Tuesday’s launch.

On the new release front, Galactic Civilizations III appears to be doing well both in reviews and sales. The game used to be an early access title on Steam starting in late 2014, however on Thursday last week it fully launched for $49.99. Best deal is GMG’s standard 22% off  cutting the price to $39 making the first and only known discount we’ve spotted.

With a pretty stellar lineup of video games coming out on the eighth generation consoles this Fall (finally) there’s bound to be a crowd looking for a good Xbox One deal. This weekend there’s one of the best Xbox One offers we’ve seen to date. For $379.99 you get the Xbox One Halo Master Chief Collection Bundle with Killer Instinct, State of Decay, Halo Dogtags (woo), and a $100 eGift Card to Dell Home.

While the games are basically cheap/free at this point, the $100 eGift Card on Dell lets you buy another game or two, making the bundle a fairly decent value at $380.

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